The property of the Former Western Block, and stone buildings from the early 1800's

The property of the Former Western Block, and 3 stone buildings still in existence today, predates the Western Block spanning back to the early 1800s.

Many paranormal experiences have been told by current tenants of the property, former workers of the Western Block, and in written journals of people once associated with the property. With the property's direct connection to the Erie Canal, accounts of Canal Workers/Builders, Canal Boat Passengers, and Travelers are told to have also visited the property, as a Hotel once stood on site but burned down in 1841. Paranormal Investigators have picked up audio telling investigators to "Get Out" "Fire" in parts of the building that have burned over various fires in the past 200 years.

There are also accounts of a Gentleman and lady in historic dress that have visited the Art Gift Shop and classes, because of "their love for the arts and what the complex was turned into" post Western Block. It is also know the President of the Western Block Co, William R Kenan Jr had a huge love for the arts and devoted parts of his fortune to the Arts, and Arts enrichment while living and after he'd past away.

The Property further contained the Fire Department Station 2, and Police Department, and many stories have been told related to their activities on the site and in connection with their use of the raceways that flowed under the property.

Join us on our journey of uncovering the past, and discovering the long history of Mischievousness, Murder, Love, and Mayhem at the Western Block...