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Public Guided Ghost Hunts, Special Events, Family/Kids' Ghost Hunting 101 & ParaNormal Investigations 
of the Western Block 

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Paranormal hotspots of Western Block

Reported paranormal hotspots explored include a selection from the following: Stone Room, Speakeasy, Woodwork's Gallery, the Grounds, the Safe/s, Isles, Galleries, the Tunnel, and Machine Shops.

Employ handheld monitoring equipment, review captured evidence, and participate in group Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recording sessions and experimentation that place you directly in an investigation environment.

It's an exciting evening of potential paranormal discovery.

Ghost Hunt and ParaNormal Investigation Hosts

Long regarded as highly haunted, join paranormal investigators Frank Kupka and of Buffalo Phantom Hunters, and the Owner of the Historic Western Block Complex as they lead guest investigators and the curious into the depths of the Western Block's purported active locations, including those not available to the general public, in an effort to connect with spirits who may still call the complex their home.

Please note: Due to the historic nature of the complex we are unable to guarantee access to any specific room or location on our tours, also not all areas are easily accessible by guests with mobility issues. This tour includes multiple flights of stairs, spaced out over different periods and areas of the tour - No elevator is on site.

For the safety and enjoyment of all participants, all participants must consent to and sign a liability waiver and rules agreement to be allowed to participate in the tour. Participants must be age 18+ and have available government issued photo ID. or 15+ with government or school issued photo ID AND a legal guardian. ParaNiagara dba ART247, reserves the right to refuse service and/or remove individuals from the private property if they are being disruptive, are highly intoxicated, and/or suspected to be under the influence of illegal drugs. No refunds, ticket sales are final.